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Parrot Training Articles Written By Parrot Owners Plus Helpful Parrot Advice
Welcome to our Parrot Training page. These are articles submitted by our members on parrot training and parrot care.
Parrot Information... Research Parrot Species To Learn What You Should Expect.
Research parrot information. All parrot species have different instinctive behaviors. Knowing what you should expect from your parrots and what they need to be happy will deter many problem behaviors.
Parrot Species Comparison Chart ….Compare The Most Popular Parrot Species!
This is the only Parrot Species Comparison Chart of its kind on the net! At last you can come to one place to compare all the popular parrot species.
Non-toxic for birds list and a list of things that are toxic for birds.
Non-toxic for birds list of safe wood for birds, household items and plants not safe for birds.
Free Bird Training Help, Stop your bird from biting and screaming!
Free Bird Training Help, stop biting or teach your parrot to talk and do tricks.
Parrot Stories, Pictures and Information Written by Parrot Owners
This page has all of the Parrot Stories with Pictures written by their owners. To read the parrot stories, put your mouse pointer over a parrot picture to see the parrot species the story is about.
Full Spectrum Light for Birds, Vita-Lite, FeatherBrite, and ZooMed AvainSun.
Full Spectrum Light for Birds that you can use in regular light fixtures. Vita-Lite, FeatherBright and Zoo Med AvainSun lamps and bulbs too.
Quality Bird Pellets and Mixes for your Parrots Needs
Harrison's Bird Food, Goldenfeast Goldn'obles, Goldenfeast Nectar, Roudybush, Scenic Nectar, Kaylor and Volkman's seed mixes
Harrisons Pellets Are Organic and Vet Recommended
Harrisons Pellets at great prices! For those who prefer Organic Harrisons Pellets.
Totally Organic Pellets, Organic Pellets, Organic Bird Food, Totally Organics
TOP Totally Organic Pellets is free of wheat, peanuts and soy beans. Great for birds with allergies, feather pluckers and feather destroyers.
Goldn'obles Organic Bird Food, Organic Pellets by Goldenfeast
Goldn'obles for all parrot species including Eclectus. Organic Goldn'obles have No preservatives and No artificial vitamins, and No dyes.
Volkman Parrot Treat, Soak and Serve, Fruit & Nut Mix for Birds and Parrots
Volkman Parrot mixes add healthy nutritiion to your daily bird food choices. We have Volkman Eclectus Avian Science Diet too.
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The Parrot Blog
The latest posts to our Ask A Vet and Parrot Questions along with any new pages added to our Parrot Information and Supply website.
Ask the Avian Vet Questions
Ask the Avian Vet questions, get a second opinion
Parrot Questions 2
Parrot Questions 2 is a continuation of our Parrot Questions page that became too long.
Breeders List
The Breeders List for Parrot and Conure World. Contact us if you would like to add to the Breeders List.
Find an Avian Vet that others recommend on our site.
Our Find an Avian Vet list is completely populated by our visitors. Only vets that they use and trust are on this list.