:( Bird died

Hi!I already asked you how to convince my parents to get a Sun Conure.But the part I didn't tell you is my dog.I don't know if you know alot about dogs,but I'm a real dog lover.My dog's a Jack Russell Terrier.She's all friendly and playful.Last time I got a Quaker Parrot.It was only 2 weeks old.The day after that it died.We are not certain why.I have no clue what my dog could of done to her.So my question is,How to I get a SUN CONURE?

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Feb 01, 2009
Why did bird die?
by: Tracie

What makes you think your bird died because of the dog? Did the dog bite the bird?

If the dog did not attack the bird, then it is possible that either your bird was sick when you brought it home or something in the air killed your bird.

If you have an oven, pans, skillet, toaster oven, iron, ironing board cover and many other things that are coated with Teflon, it is possible that one of those items was heated up and that killed the bird.

Those silicone oven protectors and cooking sheets have also been known to kill birds when heated in the oven.

Household cleansers that have chemicals in them can kill birds when they breathe the chemicals.

There are numerous things that can kill birds. Please study our Toxic list before purchasing another bird.

Also, it would be a good idea to take the bird to an avian vet to be examined before bringing the bird home.

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