( Terrance ) The Lame Budgie !

by Graham Wridgway
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Recently we came across a budgie in the gutter, we rescued him (Terrance) and took him home and got a cage and all. However he is totally lame, he cannot pirch and has difficulty climbing as his feet act like flippers. Has anyone got any suggestions on how we can help him.

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Aug 22, 2009
Lame budgie
by: Jenny

That's sweet, I sure hope you can help him! My friend has two budgies, one of which got hurt when she was little and just never learned to fly. She hops around, and doesnt fall too often. Even though she cant fly, she still leads a good healthy life, so dont give up hope :)
Best of luck.

Aug 20, 2008
Terrance the Lame Budgie
by: Kralice4u

Bless his little heart! It would be a good idea to take him to a vet and let them make sure he does not have any internal injuries. It sounds like there may be a little more going on than meets the eye. Birds are known to hide their ailments in a flock to keep the other birds from picking on them.
Monitor him closely and try to spend time with him out of the cage so you can let the vet know all of your observations.
Good Luck!

Aug 20, 2008
Lame Budgie found
by: Tracie

That is so sweet of you to give this bird a home!

You will have to provide parrot safe "shelf" perches for your bird and keep them low in the cage so if he falls he won't fall far.

I don't know if I can describe what I am telling you where you will understand, but here it is...

Arrange the cage so that he can hop from perch to perch to get around. You will have to be good at keeping his "hopping space" clean so that his feet don't get covered in poop.

He needs to be on a good pelleted diet if at all possible so he doesn't get fatty liver disease from eating too much seed. If you can't find pellets where you live, then help him learn to eat healthy veggies, fruits and whole grains.

Birds can take a LONG time to learn to eat new foods. My Budgies were weaned to pellets, it took over a year for them to even try a seed!! Of course now they prefer seeds, so I only give them seed in the evening after they have eaten healthy food all day.

If there is an avian vet there, please take him there for a check up.

Let us know how he does by posting a story on this site under "Submit Bird Stories."

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