!!!!!!! WASP ALERT !!!!!!!!

One day i was walking around the house when i heard my peach-faced lovebird chirp a lot.(he chirps loud and he bangs the cage door until we come and uncover his cage from the bedsheet.he's adorable.his chirps remind me of kisses)I talked to him and he signaled with his beak towards the window right next to him.i noticed a giant wasp near my bird's cage.i rapidly killed the wasp.i was tremendously proud of Tutinio,my bird and i gave him a treat.

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Aug 27, 2012
Wasp Alert
by: Anonymous

My bird alerts me to any type of bug in the house too. My cat used to have that job but she passed away last December and my bird took that duty over right away. It's quite funny the way she does it: she freezes on her perch and gets what I call "scaredy eyeballs" and when I follow her gaze I am sure to find the bug every time. I didn't know birds were afraid of bugs but mine sure is.

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