10 month old budgie bottom beak split?

by Elise

Budgie with part of beak missing

Budgie with part of beak missing

Hi, I have just today inherited two budgies from my late Grandfather that I am told are roughly ten months old. In mid September the female started laying eggs and continued to do so for around 6 weeks. I am told by the time my Grandmother removed the breeding boxes the budgie had laid over 20 infertile eggs.

I have read she was far too young to lay fertile eggs to begin with, the boxes were in there for older budgies in the avery. She spent alot of time sitting on these eggs until the boxes were removed two weeks ago and I'm told was extremley exhausted and wasn't eating properly throughout the 6 weeks.

When moving her into a small cage to transport my grandmother noticed the budgies bottom beak was split and part of it was sticking into her cheek. She clipped a bit of it back but now has part of the bottom beak missing.

Is there anything I can do for her? Has this got something to with her diet and lack of it for so long? Any advice is gratefully appreciated. The two budgies are the best of friends and I would hate to see anything happen to her to split the love birds up. I haven't seen her eat or drink yet but she still seems fairly active.
The female is the yellow budgie in the photo.

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anne

She obviously hasn't injured her nares then (nostril holes) where her cere is injured that's good.
It is something that most probably happened when she was a chick in the nest, sibling rivelry & all that but you can now watch her.
I am very glad about the results for you both.
I hope that you have a long & happy life together.
I never said did I but I used to have a Budgie as well & he ADORED my female Cockatiel ; )

Nov 18, 2011
Been to see the avian vet
by: Anonymous

Just arrived home from seeing the vet so thought I would leave an update. The vet has said that she has had this problem for some time now (my grandfather was blind as a bat in the end, probably didn't even notice!). It was probably due to a trauma/injury or another bird? Part of the cere (?) was damaged aswell as the bottom beak. The part of the beak was still there, just growing out to the side. He believes it isn't an issue as she is a healthy weight despite this so she is obviously still eating (I actually caught her eating this morning, finally!), in fact she is plumper than the male.
I just have to keep the misguided growing part of her beak trimmed back to a certain length and there is no reason why she can't live perfectly normal just as she has been. My mind is at ease.
Thank you for you help!! :)

Nov 15, 2011
by: Anne

Please do let me know what happens at the vets.
No, he wouldn't say anything without seeing your bird first then after this he could talk to you about her should you phone.
Try some soft food like eggfood from pet store should of mentioned this before.

Nov 15, 2011
thank you
by: Elise

I have found an Avian Vet not too far away and have an appointment first thing Saturday morning. She appears to be eating the honey seed stick a little and possibly the seed mix (I'm only unsure as I've been at work so not sure what she does during the day). The vet gave me no advice whatsoever for the meantime so thank you!

Nov 13, 2011
by: Anne

Oh the poor little darling, you must go to your local Avian vet A.S.A.P. In the meantime while you are waiting are you getting calcium into her she badly needs to replenish what she has lost.
You can add it to water or sprinkle onto moist foods.
Yes you are right she was far to young to be laying eggs.
You say you haven't seen her eat or drink so I'm wondering is the male still feeding her possibly? but please get to the vets.

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