10 yr old biting amazon

by julie
(sheffield uk)

2 weeks ago i purchased a 10 year old orange winged amazon. hes tame but he bites alot ,not so that he breaks the skin but hes getting worse.
also he doesnt play or talk..please help

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Oct 24, 2011
10 yr old biting amazon
by: julie

thankyou for your comments,,.
after surfing the net -i beleieve he does what is called ."beaking".
have you heard of this..and how do i get him out of doing it..thanx

Oct 24, 2011
10 yr old biting amazon
by: Linda

You also need to understand that a bird's trust is earned not freely given. You've only had this bird for a mere two weeks, and consider what kind of environment he may have come from. There is always a reason why birds are being moved from home to home. Sometimes, it's because the previous caretakers did not take time to understand and learn about their bird. In other words, they expected perfection, and when they learned bird has to be cared for, loved, trained and taken to the Avian Vet as needed, they lost interest in him. This happens a lot with the parrots, and their behavior gets worse as they are moved into each new home. Birds need a stable home and a long term home as well in order to become all they can be, and they are highly intelligent, learn quickly and will become the light of anyone's life who understands them and makes a commitment to their health and well being. Think of all the things you can do for the bird before you begin thinking of what the bird can do for you, and you'll be in a good place to start your learning. You are not just a teacher here, you are also a student so allow your bird to teach you, and he will be more apt to learn from you as you are learning from him.

I highly recommend an exam by an Avian Vet in your driving area because if this bird has not been taken care of properly, he may have an infection or other physical issues. Make sure he is seen by an Avian Vet before any dietary changes or training begins because a sick bird cannot learn and feels bad all the time.

Thanks for writing,

Oct 23, 2011
Amazon biting
by: Tracie

Please read the training materials on our Parrot Training page and also purchase some books on Amazon parrots. Amazons can go through a biting stage when they get hormonal and you need to be prepared in case that happens. A perfectly tame bird can suddenly attack with a vengeance.

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