11 Week Old Baby Nanday Conure-Weight Loss

by Christopher
(Brandon, FL)

I recently bought a 9 week old baby Nanday conure from my local flea market. When I bought the baby, he was very active, loud, and seemingly happy overall. I had him for about a week and noticed little by little he was becoming less active. When I bought him I wasn't told much about how to take care of him. I was told to continue hand-feeding for another 2 or three weeks, at three times a day.

One week and a day after I bought the bird, I took him back the guy I bought him from due to the inactivity, and immediately the guy noticed the baby had lost "A LOT" of weight. The baby wasn't falling off the perch yet, but I didn't want to wait until he got to that point and its a good thing cuz the guy said he was almost there.

He force-fed the baby with a seringe and vet feeding needle. He said the poop was dark, which was not a good sign. Im using EXACT baby bird formula, I WAS doing a 2.5-3 parts formula/1-1.5 parts warm water. The directions said it should be a thick-pudding like consistency. The guy said this was wrong. Use 1-1.5 parts formula and the rest water. I also keep my house between 70-75F degrees. He said the bird needs at least 80-85F degrees while a baby or he wont be able to digest which is probably why hes lost so much weight, along with the amount of formula to water I was feeding.

He also gave the baby a small amount of some sort of digestive enzyme. He said it was not necessary for me to buy it or continue giving it to the bird, it was just to help open back up the crop and get some nutrients into the bird. He also said I can give some organic yogert but didn't say what kind, how much or how often. He did, however say to increase the feedings to 4-5x's a day, with his recommended formula to water ratio. He said the bird had about a 65% change of survival.

Since I seen the guy I bought him from(Monday, and today is Thursday) I have increased the birds area temperture to between 84-87F degrees and increased the feedings to 5x's a day at his recommended ratio. The bird has percked up quit a bit and poop has brightened back up but still is under weight and not quit as active as he was when I bought him. I have a water bowl, seed bowl, romaine lettece, kale leaves, and a millet stick inside his cage to try and encourage the weining process. Which so far he has NOT even been nibbling on. I was told they should start weining between eight and twelve weeks. He will be 11 weeks Sunday and seems so far from it.

What I need to know is, is what im doing everything I can be doing? Are the tempertures and formula ratio correct? Should I be giving yogert, if so, what kind and how much? Should I go ahead and try and find that digestive enzyme? Should I let him start to wein on his own or should I push it a little? I dont want to stop him from gaining weight and especially cause him to lose more.

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May 17, 2008
Conure loss
by: Tracie

I am so very sorry to hear your bird did not make it. I hope you find a good breeder and purchase another bird. You sound like you will make a good parront.

May 17, 2008
He's Passed.
by: Christopher

Well, as I said...I thought he was doing better. He became more active, louder, and he was eating pretty well. I even got him to eat a little apple and mango. He ended up passing away I guess, after I went to bed. I don't understand why, he was active and eating just before I went to bed.
I called the guy I bought him from again and he told me he cant tell me much more than he already did. He said maybe the bird had just lost too much weight, maybe he was having some sort of digestive problem and he wasen't getting the nutrients he needs. My bird was the first of the clutch to have had any sort of problem and/or pass away. Its not uncommon at that flea market to sell un-weaned birds. I've seen them being sold as early as 5-7 weeks. Not even fully fledged.
The next bird I get will be weaned for sure before I consider taking it home.

May 15, 2008
by: Lori/Texas

I use avi-culture for all my birds (African grey, sun conure and cockatiel). You can buy it on the internet, just type in the name. I can't believe they sent an unweaned baby home with you. Don't give him dairy products. Birds can't digest it. If he is already sick I wouldn't risk it.

I would also take the seeds away and start him on Harrison's pellets. Fine or ultra fine high potency. My sun conure has been on them since he was weaned and has never been sick a day in his life. He turned 2 in feb. He gets organic seeds as a treat but he really prefers the pellets.

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