12 yr old cockitiel wing


Im calling my vet tomorrow about Frosty's wing, but I wanted someones opinion on it. His wing does not droop, but it looks as if he was hiding a cotton ball under the top part of his wing. He extends it up and down to stretch and he flaps the wing and cleans underneath it. Im just really wondering, can the vet really even do anything for him? I already put him in a smaller cage , so he cant injure it anymore.

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Jan 24, 2011
Cockatiel wing problem
by: Tracie

Only your vet will be able to determine if he can do something for your bird. Dr B can not tell you without an in person exam. After the exam, if you have any questions for Dr B, please write again.

Please write and let us know what your vet determines is wrong and what the treatment is.

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