14 year old yellow-crowned female amazon noises

by Donna
(Ottawa, Ontario)

My 14 year old amazon has just started making odd vocalizations which last for one minute and sound like she's having a panic attack. I don't believe it is a seizure as she's not losing her perch and she reaches with her one leg to step up although she doesn't step up and seems too weak to do so. She's eating, drinking, pooping normally.

These episodes scare me and she does them when I'm around and out of the room so I don't think it's just an attention-getter. They seem to be happening more frequently. I do have an Avian Vet and will take her when I get home. Now, I'm at our cottage during Christmas vacation. She comes here regularly so it's not a new environment.

Could this just be a 'new trick'? Is it a 'nesting' phase she is going through? She doesn't have access to any box/paper etc to trigger this behaviour.

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Dec 24, 2010
Amazon behavior
by: The Avian Vet

I would first assume that it is an indication of a respiratory problem and have her examined. If it turns out to be nothing then that is better than not taking her in and find out later that she is sick. Do you use corn cob in her cage? This can cause aspergillus infections which cause the symptoms you describe. There are other things that can do this too. Take her in as soon as you can.

Dr B

Dec 23, 2010
14 year old yellow-crowned female amazon noises
by: Linda

No, this is not a phase and she needs to be seen immediately by an Avian Vet. Since you have one already, get her there as quickly as is possible. It sounds as if she did and is having either seizures or some kind of major pain somewhere in her body. The weakness you describe is what someone looks like after a seizure. Seizure activity can be mild or severe, and mild petit mal seizures are hardly noticed as seizures. Repetitive behavior and/or sounds, staring off into space as if unaware of where they are and nervous twitches or jerks are all part of the smaller type of seizures. Your bird is sick and needs immediate medical services. I advise getting her back home and to the Avian Vet as quickly as this can be managed. I know it's Christmas, and the best gift you can give anyone this year is to have your bird's health issues taken care of. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we wish you and your bird the best outcome possible!

Thanks for writing and let us know what the Avian Vet has to say when you can.


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