16 yr old African Grey

I rescued an African Grey from euthanasia approximately 15 yrs ago. Every Vet I went to told me the bird is neurotic, self mutilator and cannot be helped. This bird was completely devoid of a feather from the neck down to the feet and you could not get close to him without him screaming bloody murder.

He was owned by a used car dealer who fed him a diet of potato chips and pepsi. He was very scary looking. I could not have him euthanized for some reason we connected when we first met. I tried for ever to tame him. I finally found a Doctor willing to listen and she told me to sit down in a dry bath tub at one end and place the bird at the other end and wait until he came to me, if, in fact, he would at all. The doctor said if the bird made the decision to come to me, then there was hope for him. Anyway, he did and we have been together since.

Anyway, this bird has always been named Oliver, well, just this year after 15 yrs, Oliver started laying eggs in the bottom of the cage, so I have had to rename her Olivia. I know she could never be around another African Grey for breed purposes, is there a way to stopped her from sitting?

I remove her eggs after she sits for a couple days because I am afraid she will cease eating and her health will drop. Is there anyway to stop her from laying?

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Mar 24, 2011
16 yr old African Grey
by: Linda

Though Tracie answered your questions very thoroughly, I have to comment on what a special person you are! Your Olivia is one of thousands of birds here in the US and across the globe who are horribly mistreated. Parrots can and do go insane just like people do. They go insane because of habitual abuse and neglect at the hands of people who should never have any kind of pet or children. These people are very small people who enjoy torturing a creature much smaller than themselves which includes small dogs, cats, children and birds. The used car salesman you mentioned as previous owner should have been chained right beside this poor bird when taken in for euthanization because he is not pitiful, but scornful as are all animal and child abusers.

You are a light shining in the darkness, and the fact that sweet Olivia has grown to trust you speaks volumns about who you are. Not many people can take on a challenge like this, and thank God, there are a few who seem to be connected to an individual bird.People like yourself who look into their eyes and see the real entity and not just the outside. Kudos to all of you who are able to do this.

Message here is to stay away from having children or any kind of pets if you don't intend to care for them properly. There is enough pain and sorrow in this world without adding more suffering souls to the mix.

Thank You so much for being you and for loving this beautiful soul called Olivia. I had to rename a Scarlet Macaw years ago from Sherlock to Sheryl, so you are not alone on that one.

Take care and may God continue to bless you for your good works.


Mar 23, 2011
African Grey laying eggs
by: Tracie

Thank you so much for rescuing this bird! Bless you!

Dr B suggests that you read the article on Chronic Egg Laying for information on how to care for your bird thought this.

Dr B does not advise you to take the eggs away until the bird is not interested in them. (If the eggs are cracked you have to toss them.) If your bird continues to lay eggs, you can purchase fake eggs at www.theeggshop.com . Some birds will just keep laying eggs until they wear themselves out.

Also, you need to make sure your bird is eating a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's, where the bird eats 80% pellets and only 20% healthy treats. This will prevent you bird from having egg binding that can kill your bird.

After you have read the article, if you have more questions for Dr B please post them.

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