19mth old Greenwing Macaw w/crooked beak possible health issues????

Macaw with crooked beak

Macaw with crooked beak

I'm thinking of getting a 19 month old Greenwing Macaw. Her current owner needs a lung transplant and has been told she can get it only if she rue homes all of her birds.

Today I went for my 1st visit which went rather well. I have not had a bird this large so I want extra time to get more confidants in handling her. My main concern is she a has a very crooked beak. She said it could be corrected, this sounds very intense. Even more then that will it cause major health issues later? Thanks for any advise -Connie

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Jan 13, 2013
19th mth old Greenwing Macaw
by: Nancy

I adopted a blue and gold macaw a few months ago. The owner told me that she had been bitten by a spider and it affected her throat muscles. She cannot eat by herself or preen very well. I was shown how to hold her tongue down and I make her food in strips so I can slide the food straight down. I also do the preening for her.

She was not in good shape when I got her - no down feathers at all. Now with the good diet, she has her down and also so many new feathers. She had no muscles in her legs and now can walk without a limp and pull herself up onto my bicycle. I am having a special stand made for her so she can climb up and down. She is so much stonger and is a happy bird now. She walks around outside with me when I am working in the garden and investigates everything.

Luckily I live in Costa Rica and we can be outside so much of the time. If you adopt this bird, she will need a lot of care and you will have to figure out how to feed her by hand. I give my bird 8 grain baby cereal mixed with fruit juice by a syringe. She also gets papaya, banana, kiwi and mango cut in stips. When I make chicken soup, I cook it with so many veggies and I mash the veggies into eggs and feed her this as well. I also give her chicken strips from the soup.

I am trying to get unsalted sunflower seeds to see if this can pass through her digestive system without being chewed. If it comes out whole, then I will try mashing it and put it with the eggs. She is such a sweet bird and I am happy to care for her....... Nancy

Jan 09, 2013
Macaw with crooked beak
by: The Avian Vet

This is a problem that cannot be repaired. It is too late at this point. It could have been done when she was less than 30 days old. The long term problem is difficulty preening, eating, and regular beak trims, only by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B
You can use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet.

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