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Sid watching make-up applied ?

Sid watching make-up applied ?

I had an online friend that needed a home for her Nanday and being a lifetime bird lover ended up driving 12 hrs (1 way) to give the bird a home. The BEST drive I ever did. From a parrot I was told that "do NOT touch" or get chomped (& he did) and now 3 months later is the sweetest friend. He falls asleep in my lap, asks nicely to be taken with me where ever I go, and even puts up with the wife. I always heard Nandays are LOUD and obnoxious but this bird (Sid) is the nicest I've ever had the privilege to know (had many birds - even a crow & barn owl). He does talk but mostly cuss words (he knew when I got him) - his fave is DAMMIT, LOL. Anyway I'll post some pics.....for some reason he's fascinated with towels / sheets / drapes / etc - if they're not just how he likes them he must adjust to his taste.

Nanday = LOUD but GREAT !!

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May 01, 2010
by: 1sick1

Thank you ! My friends thought me strange (& I am) but a parrot is such a wonderful friend....I just recently acquired Barney (another Nanday) from a rescue & he too has become a friend and , like Nandays, a comic. Barney seems to like crawling inside my shirt (claws = ouch) and sleep. Also will sleep upside down in my lap (as long as he has hold of a finger)......what fun & enjoyment to have these birds in my life. AND the wife still likes me & loves the birds (more I think - LOL)

Feb 24, 2010
by: Linda

What a lovely story and thank you for writing it for our reading pleasure!

Yes, Nandays and in fact the entire conure society is known for being loud and unruly, and your story shows that all they need is caring, committed, loving people who treat them like the little birdy kids that they are. Parrots have roughly the mental and emotional development of a 4-5 year old human child. Think about that when Sid is having a temper tantrum and screaming dammit for the neighbor's to hear. They CAN be easily spoiled and like human children, need limits set and rules to follow. Once they are in homes where their lives are directed into positive actions and behaviors, most parrots blossom into ones like your wonderful Sid.

Thanks again for writing and for being a wonderful birdy Dad. Thanks also to Mom for putting up with BOTH YOU AND SID!!! We just gotta love ya!


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