2 Amazons together

by Mickey
(Saint Paul MN, USA)

I have a 28 y.o. Blue-fronted male and a 20 y.o. Lilac-crowned female. They have lived in a large divided cage together for about 10 years. They sit close to each other with the divider between. Do I dare remove the divider? The male will sometimes grab the female's toe and make her squawk, but has never drawn blood. I have not let them out together - the female is quite cage-bound.

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Sep 11, 2013
2 Amazons together
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Mickey,

You didn't say why your female bird is cage bound? Anyway I do think that the male bird wants to play with the female hence the reason he grabs her toe. He cannot say I would like to play with my companion so he tries to let you know by grabbing her toe. I don't think that he wants to harm her in any way.

I've grown up taking care of Amazons, my first Amazon died when he was 38 years old. At present I've an Orange Winged who's 5 years old and a Green Cheek Conure who's 8 months. Eleven years ago I've started buying several other types of bird. I'd a Peach Faced love bird, a Fischer's, a Budgie and 2 Cockatiels.
I think that you can let your birds out together but not out of your sight; you'll have to be present and observe carefully in case any attempt to fight, then you'd have to act very quickly and separate them.
My Amazon and Green Cheek plays and kiss all day long. They're only separate when they go into their own cages to eat or sleep; their cages are open all day so they can come out and go in whenever they want to. They're free in our home to fly about and be happy. Later on I'll update and post pictures as I had promised before. Mickey, do take care of your lovely birds and God bless them and you.

Sep 10, 2013
2 Amazons together
by: Linda

I recommend you leave them as they are. I have a bonded, proven pair of Red Lored Amazons, and we had to buy a double Macaw cage for them because the hen hurts the smaller male and especially likes to hurt his toes. He has lost two toes, and the losses are partly due to hen's aggressiveness. I would suggest leaving them as they are and keeping peace in the flock.


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