2 baby ducklings inside with African Grey?

Hello. I have been a bird lover for over 30 years and have rehabilitated wild birds in the past. My neighbors know this, and yesterday came home to 2 ducklings in a box on my front porch. Naturally since it was cold and rainy I brought them in.

I am skeptical about raising them since I have had my beautiful African Grey for 15 years and do not want her to get sick. I have a small 3 bedroom house. I set the ducks up in my sons bedroom with a radiator to keep them warm. I do have an unused aviary outside which I can transfer these ducks to in a couple of weeks.

Don't know what to do. I have had wild birds live in my house before, my vet would check their health, but usually after I introduced them into my house. I soon learned I was very lucky they were healthy. Can I safely keep them indoors for the time being? Thank you so much in advance.

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May 11, 2012
Baby ducklings with parrot
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, you can keep them indoors. It is important that you not allow physical contact with your grey and wash your hands after handling the ducklings.

Dr B

May 04, 2012
2 baby ducklings with grey
by: Anonymous

If you would like to raise the ducklings, I would suggest taking them to a vet first thing to have them looked at to ensure they are healthy.

There's a lot of airborn viruses that your Grey can get. I'd also suggest a thourough washing of your hands after handling the duckings. Even a change of clothes.

Question is, do you want to risk exposing your Grey to illness?
You dont know where they came from, or what they were exposed to, or WHY they are motherless.

If not, you can call the vets, or humane society, and ask about sancturaries for the duckings. I'm sure there's a nice place where they can properly be housed.

I just ask that you think of the health of all 3 birds, especially the one you've had for 15 yrs.

Good luck.

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