2 birds in 1 cage

hi, i have a 10 year old Long billed corella and a similar aged sun conure.
can we have them in the same cage?

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Feb 04, 2013
Putting two different species of birds together
by: Tracie

No, you should not put them in a cage together. Birds should choose their cage mates, especially when not of the same species. I would not suggest you even put another sun conure in the cage with the conure, they may fight and inure or kill each other.

Even birds that get along outside of their cages may fight over territory in a cage. If the two birds play together and get along outside of the cages, then you can put them both on the cage you wish for them to share and see if they both go inside and get along.

Have the cage equipped with 2 food dishes and 2 water bottles. Put one of each on opposite sides of the cage, so that each can establish their territory and not keep the other from eating or drinking.

Be RIGHT THERE at all times when you try the experiment and do NOT try this unless they have been getting along out side of the cage for a week or two. By getting along, I mean ENJOYING each others company.

Be ready and willing to get bit by either or both birds if they start getting in a fighting posture and you have to grab one out of the cage. Don't wait until they start fighting, because once one of the birds gets bit and is bleeding you are going to have to take it to an avian vet to prevent infection.

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