2 lovebirds died 4 days at home

by Tiffani
(missoula mt)

I purchased a hand feed baby lovebird had him for 4 days was great for 3 days on the 4th was fine before I had been gone for the day about 7 hrs came home it started looking sick it would stay on the bottom of the cage a couple hrs later it died

the pet store owner couldn't figure out why he would die maybe he was sick so she gave me his non hand feed brother 4 days later he died I've never killed any animal other then the fish. This is really bothering me I would like to know why they died if I can and if I can get another one that won't die I couldn't handle that again I did have Teflon pans but never burned anything and I cooked every day why did it take 4 days for them to die and why both times when I had been gone for serval hrs (That also was the only time I'd left my house)????? Please help me

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Dec 28, 2011
Birds dying within 4 days
by: Tracie

Oh how sad! It is possible they were sick or diseased from the breeder. I suggest you find a reputable breeder instead, one that takes their birds to an avian vet before selling them to make sure they are healthy birds.

Also, just weaned birds often revert back to needing to be hand fed if sold too soon. You want to make sure the bird has been eating on it's own for at least a week or two before bringing the bird home.

The only way to know why they died would be for you to take them for a necropsy. Please clean your cage completely and anything the other birds touched in case they had a disease.

You might also look at our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list just to make sure there is nothing toxic in your home they breathed or chewed.

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