2 Mo. Old Cockatiel seems lethargic

by Sarah

I just got a male 2 month old cockatiel from a local breeder. I brought him back home and he was very playfull and curious for the first few days. Now he doesn't want to come out of his cage, and just seems to sleep and preen all the time. Is this normal for that age? He's still eating regularily, and his droppings look fine as well as his eyes.

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Jan 04, 2012
lathargic and listless 2 month old cockatiel
by: Anonymous

we have a 2 month old cockatiel that on its first flight crashed into the window. We thought we would lose him as his eye and feathers on one side of his head looked really bad and he couldnt hardly stand let alone fly. After afew weeks he seemed to have made a miraculous recovery, and was quite frisky, with the exception of not flying. His recovery now appears to decline as he sits all day on a perch and doesnt open his eyes unless distubed by my touch or that of another cockatiel. I'm fearful we may lose him. I have no money for a vet. Is there any thing i can do besides just love him.FIANCE

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Feb 07, 2009
Lethargic bird
by: Tracie

Dr. B suggests that any bird that is acting "off" should see an avian vet. Birds don't usually show illness until they are very sick and Dr. B can not tell what is wrong since he can not examine the bird.

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