2 Month Old Quaker Parrot constant movement

(Minneapolis, MN)

My quaker parrot is constantly bobbing his head and 'quaking', flapping his wings etc. He does this at all times, even after he has eaten and while we are holding him. Is this common for young birds. Literally the only time he is still is when he is asleep. He also hates being in his cage.

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Aug 01, 2012
2 Month Old Quaker Parrot constant movement
by: Linda

This movement can be a signal for more food. Try feeding him more at his feedings. You did not state how much of the baby parrot handfeeding formula you are feeding, so all I can say is try and give him another syringe or half syringe at each feeding during the day. He will not be ready to wean until he is 3-4 months old, and weaning is a process that takes as long as it takes depending on individual bird.You will continue to feed during the process.

As for not liking his cage, make sure he spends time in there Spoiling him now will ruin him as an adult. Also make sure someone is there with him anytime he's out of cage. Baby birds really need to be held during feeding, fed enough, and they sleep a lot during the day.

You did not say what kind of cage he's in either. If he is unable to climb around, then he'll need something with a large bottom covered in clean, unprinted newspapers that will need changing frequently. This paper comes on partially used rolls, and can be found for almost no cost from your local newspaper office. They never use a roll all the way to end, and there is a lot of paper left on roll when they pull it. This is clean unprinted paper, and we use it all the time to line our cage pans.

If your bird has not been examined by an Avian Vet, you need to do that done right away. Baby birds are susceptible to bacterial infections caught from being in pet stores or back at the breeder's if they did not have parents examined before breeding to make sure they were infection free. Take bird to an Avian Vet ONLY and have him weighed, a throat swab done for bacterial infection. They can look under the microscope right there in the office and see if there is bacteria present or not.

When you wean, wean him onto organic pellets like Harrison's found here. Find and study informaton about the weaning process on the internet so you'll know more what to expect during this period.


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