2 week Guinea keet with eyelid unopened

by Holly

Is there anything I can do about this baby keet with an eyelid not opened? Eye underneath looks fine.

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Oct 05, 2009
Eyelid closed on bird
by: The Vet

It depends on why his eyelid is not open. If it did not form completely, it may need surgery. If it is infected, then you will need antibiotics. You need to take him in to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Oct 02, 2009
eye unopened
by: Linda

YES, YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS BABY INTO AN AVIAN VET AS SOON AS IS POSSIBLE. When you raise baby birds, they can become infected with a number of either bacterial or viral infections. Babies have to be monitored for every day weight gain and for any other problems.

This requires the services of a qualified Avian vet in your area, and the sooner, the better. Your baby has some kind of infection, and babies will not last long with untreated infections. Any other birds around this one are also most likely sick and will need to be seen by Avian vet as well.

Thanks for writing, and I must stress how important this trip to the vet is for the welfare of all the birds living near this one. All infections are highly contageous, and all birds can and do become infected, so take action before you lose all your birds. This could also be an injury, and my best bet is an illness that will not get better until diagnosed and treated. Only Avian Vets can treat birds as regular vets know nothing about their diagnosis and treatment.


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