2 year old giffin cage time

by Craig
(Suffolk. UK)

Hi. We have been given a 2 year old goffin. How long should we leave it in it's new cage for? We have lots of toys and offer a hand every day with food etc. The bird came from an avairy with a flock of other goffins.

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Mar 05, 2011
by: Craig


Thanks for your comments! We did read lots about the Goffin, just couldn't find anything directly about a 2 year old girl thats come from a flock... Anyway all is well she is still a bit scared of us when we approach and we had her wings clipped by the previous owner so we can let her out of the cage in the evening...

Recomemdations for new owners = EAR PLUGS!!!

Thanks again

Mar 01, 2011
2 year old giffin cage time
by: Linda

Well, yours is a case where you should have already learned everything you can about parrots and the little Goffins in particular.

Since you have not, start now by getting some books about your bird's needs as in caging, toys, perches, proper food, care.

The very first thing that needs to be done here is taking him to an Avian Vet in your area for a thorough exam. Most birds coming from flocks like this are infected with something or other, malnourished or have either inside or outside parasites. We always recommend a visit to an avian vet within the first week new birds are in our homes because moving is stressful.

Your bird's wings will need to be clipped while at the avian vet, and have them clip ONLY the 6 long Primary Flight feathers found at the ends of each wing. This will help when you begin training, and this bird is most likely going to need training. There are links on this site for training information and do not begin training until bird has been examined and either treated for or cleared for infections or other physical problems.

Your little Goffins will be a gentle, loving companion once he is over being afraid and trained. Diet has to be organic pellets for 80% and recommended treat foods for the other15-20%. All seed diets kill birds slowly causing starvation for lack of vitamins, minerals and high quality proteins. Here is a link on how to go about the change and again, do not start any dietary changes until bird has been either treated or cleared by Avian Vet.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

You have a very special bird, and you must start immediately to learn all you can about parrots and the Cockatoos because they are more sensitive than some of the other parrots and need lots of attention. Once his wings are clipped, he needs to be outside of cage with a playtop so he can get some exercise and just feel free without wire all around him. Make sure wings are clipped before any out of cage or training because flighted birds can be killed flying freely in a house not to mention flying out the door to die of starvation or predation outside.


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