2 years old eclectus parrot is moody!

by Morgane

Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots

Hello, I ve had my eclectus parrots for two years now, i got them when they were about 2 months old. They have been quite good so far, but we have had to let them for one month and a half in a foreign place where they were in an aviary surrounded by a lot of other parrots in some other aviaries, because we were going overseas.

we ve been back for two days, and i the male doesn t stop attacking us, he always looks frustrated. I had noticed that he was getting a bit moody even before we left but now it worse, he looks evil sometimes.Also he doesn t stop screaming and being all excited all the time, he never rests.

They spend most of the day in a 3X6 meter aviary in our garden with a lot of toys and natural trees they can chew on,they can fly back and forth and do laps,they have nesting boxes, we take them back inside during the night, they spend a bit of time with us on the couch watching TV during the evenings we really do our best to keep them as happy as a caged bird can be So now i m wondering if he s gonna stay like that all the time or if, it just because he needs a bit of time to get over the changes between the house and the aviary where we left them when we went on holiday, and vice versa, or if it s just the hormones that are bugging him.

The female is perfectly fine like before, despite the fact that he doesn t stop attacking as well. I remember that she also had a phase like that where she was a real devil and it passed on its own, so i m hoping that it will be the same for him. If someone could give me his or her opinion that would be great, don t hesitate to put a lot of details. Thank you.

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Oct 15, 2012
yr 2 year old
by: Anonymous

It could be any of the above as the reason.

In Perth we have 2 avian vets, 1 nth of the river,
Tim Oldfield
791 Welshpool Rd, Wattle Grove

1 sth
Ray Butler
189 Canning Hwy, Applecross

so go to the one closest to you & get him checked out. I'm hoping you didn't board them at Birdworld :)) My least favourite bird boarding for a lot of reasons!!

At 2 years old he can also be maturing right now causing hormonal behaviour however, he is in an aviary with a female? He shouldn't have 'hormonal' behaviours if he has a partner unless they're not compatible & most male/female ekkies do become compatible.

And lastly there's a VERY big possibility he's chucked a saddie at you because you left him in an unfamiliar place & for you it's pay back lol He'll get over that in time.

There's a few interesting Eclectus parrot sites around. Google & see what other Aussies do with theres.

Good luck :))

Oct 14, 2012
2 years old eclectus parrot is moody!
by: Linda

As for the physical side of this, you've answered your own question. Anytime birds have to be around a lot of other birds, infections usually result which would make both birds moody and possibly aggressive. You need to have both examined by an Avian Vet only in your driving area. They are the only vets licensed and trained in the care of birds. It is likely they contracted a bacterial or viral infection while in the company of all the other birds, and infections have to be diagnosed before they can be treated. Only an Avian Vet can take care of your birds.

Have them examined by an avian vet before doing anything else because birds die from infections left undiagnosed and untreated. One of the first signs of a sick bird is a sudden change in behavior which this is.

Also, on the emotional side, your birds felt you had abandoned them. You don't know what they may have gone through while you were away, and in their minds, they were abandoned to whatever might come.

So, Avian Vet first and if they test out clear for infections, then they will settle down in time. Have a throat swab done to check for bacterial infections and bloodwork done to check for viral infections and/or parasites which is also a possibility from being housed with other birds.

Thanks for writing,

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