22 year old bare-eyed layed an egg

by Kathy

Our 22 year old bare-eyed cockatoo laid an egg last night. Needless to say we were pretty freaked out (always referred to her as "him" up to that point).
Is laying an egg at this age something to be concerned about? She eats a good diet of pellets and mixed veggies and is not obese.

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Jun 06, 2011
Cockatoo laying eggs
by: Tracie

That happened to us with our Conure that was named Buddy. We named her Buddie after that!

If the bird is sitting on the egg, let her sit until she is not interested in it anymore. It is possible she will lay more eggs. Some birds lay every other day, ours laid an egg every third day until she laid 4 eggs.

If the bird isn't interested in the egg(s) then just toss them. If an egg cracks and she eats it, she could get very ill or die. Some people purchase fake eggs for their birds that lay eggs all the time. Hopefully this will not be a habit. You might want to read the Chronic Egg Laying article just for more information on birds laying eggs.

You can try limiting it's daytime hours in the future and see if that keeps her from laying eggs. If you only allow the bird in a lighted room 8 - 10 hours a day, it might signal her body clock that it is winter. This has worked for some people that have birds that lay eggs.

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