25+ suddenly(!) female African Grey

In less than a week our African Grey, has for first time, laid 3 eggs. Should I take them away from her? Should I be taking away her adored cardboard boxes where she likes to chew and hide and obviously (now) nest?

Also, the same bird has, for as long as we have had her (20 yrs), demonstrated what I can only describe as a type of 'asthma' - wings half out, moving around a lot and making snuffling noises and obviously distressed. It seems to happen only when I am in the vicinity but it is getting slightly worse and for longer durations.

Would be grateful for any advice.



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Dec 29, 2009
Pepe / Josephine
by: Anonymous

I have had Pepe for just over 20 years. Earlier this year, he/she laid 3 eggs. About 2 weeks ago she laid another egg. Hence now Josephine. All four eggs were pecked by her. She is in love with a rosyfaced love bird; they adore each other. I am concerned because Pepe has been sitting in her food bowl as if she were sitting on the eggs and has had a loss of appetite. I have tried to discourage her by taking her out, leaving cage open, but she's not interested. They call out to each other when they're apart. Should I separate the birds?

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Mar 23, 2008
African Grey laying eggs
by: The Vet

If she wants to sit on them you should let her. Then take the eggs away only after she stops sitting and pays them no attention. You should discourage the laying behavior but not giving her boxes to play in. You also should avoid certain type of petting that could be stimulating the reproductive behaviors. Pet her only on her head and neck. Avoid back stroking and rump rubbing. The wing droop huffing is a sexual behavior that you should also not encourage.

Provided your bird is eating a formulated diet (pellets) as 80% of her intake, there are no health risks to egg laying. If your bird is not eating pellets then SWITCH HER TODAY! Harrison's is the best you can feed.

Dr B

Mar 23, 2008
egg laying
by: Lori/Texas

I have a male african grey (i think), but I have a female cockatiel who was a cronic egg layer. Everytime I would take the egg away she would lay another up to 13 eggs one time. She got so ill she almost died on 2 different occasions. So leave the eggs until the bird discards them. When she is done sitting on the eggs, remove the box or nest,as well as any mirrors and make sure her cage has a wire not a solid floor. Also cover her cage with a dark cloth and make sure she is getting 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night. Females will usually start laying eggs when the days get longer so keeping her daylight exposure the same year round helps. Never pet her anywhere but the head, it can cause sexual responses. We have been egg free for 2 years just by making these few changes.
As for the wing thing, my male grey also does that and bites his toenails at the same time. I haven't noticed breathing dificulty with it although he does make a funny baby begging noise sometimes when he wants my husband to take him.

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