2.5 year old ringneck will talk or not

by sarmad

I bought a 2.5 year old ringneck but i dont know that it will talk or not, its hand tame, he also bites sometimes

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Nov 19, 2013
To speak or not to speak....
by: Tracey

IRNs are wonderful companion parrots! They can be quite comical and very loving. They have been known to speak the language of their human families, but every bird is an individual and not all of them will speak.

Because companion parrots rely so heavily upon their human care givers and identify us as their flock, it is very important that we learn how to communicate with them. Sometimes they learn our language, but it is more important that we learn theirs. Parrots are social animals and communicate in a number of ways, including vocally and through body language. As you get to know your bird, you must carefully observe him to learn how he communicates and what he's trying to say.

At 2.5 years old, if he doesn't speak your language by now, I would guess that he is not likely to be much of a talker. However, Avian science is now telling us that, contrary to the former belief that parrots only learned in their development period, parrots are capable of learning throughout their lives. This means that if he is so motivated, he may still learn to speak your language. Only time will tell.

You mentioned that he sometimes bites - all parrots bite in certain circumstances. Biting is not necessarily aggressive, but he is trying to tell you something. In order to determine what is causing him to bite, I recommend researching applied behavioral analysis and how to apply it with your parrot - visit www.behaviorworks.org for more information.

I recommend reading, singing, and talking to your parrot constantly. Using an animated voice (excited, high-pitched, full of emotion) can encourage him to speak. Parrots say words and phrases that they find interesting.

And if he never speaks, just enjoy him for who he is - I promise that he will bring you lots of joy even if he never utters a single word!

Best wishes!

Nov 17, 2013
Ringneck will not talk
by: Angela

There is no way to tell if your bird will ever talk or not. Some birds will mimic human words and some won't. My bird is four years old and she does not mimic any human words, but has a language of her own that she taught me. She understands what I say and gives appropriate responses with different chirps and her body language. A talking bird is quite a novelty and that's what most people expect them to do. One has to spend large amounts of time teaching and training and one has to learn to understand what the bird is telling you even though it's not a human word.

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