25 yr old yellow nape amazon starting to bite

by janet

Have had Punky for 25 years. Never bit anyone until recently. He recently decided he does not like my hair down because he goes crazy and slams the bars of his cage to get to me. But if I have my hair up in a clip, he becomes his ol self. And he never lashed out at anyone until recently either.

When out on his perch, he reaches out to bite my husband! I mean he will go out of his way to come over and bite. He has become a bird that I now fear! I have had him since he was just a baby. I do not know this bird anymore. No one has ever mistreated him ever. never seen an animal that was so spoided then him. Toys, homemade goodies, you name it..he gets it all.

so..Why now? He acts like he does not know me. Why does my hair make a difference to him? Help! I don't want to be afraid of him. He has become dangerous!

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Jul 15, 2012
Amazon biting you
by: Tracie

Your Amazon parrot may be going through it's first hormonal stage. Some Amazons can not be taken out of the cage at all during this time. Please read the article at http://www.parrothouse.com/jdoss1.html for more help.

Jul 15, 2012
25 yr old yellow nape amazon starting to bite
by: Linda

All parrots are exotic wild animals and all are potentially dangerous.

Your bird does not like your change of hairstyle because they do not like change.

The fact you have spoiled him is part of the reason he is beocming dangerous. The other, more likely reason is that he is sick. Sudden changes in behavior sometimes indicate an illness.

Take your bird to a licensed and trained Avian Vet ONLY and have him examined for infection or other physical problems.This has to be done immediately because until you rule out physical causes for this behavior, you cannot start any kind of training. I feel this is physically based, so take care of that first.

There is a reason he has suddendly changed, and it is your job to find out why. The best way to start is a thorough exam by an Avain Vet. If he is sick, he will need to be diagnosed and treated. If he is not sick, then something is making him crazy, and this can be a toxic material in the house that he is breathing, playing with or being fed. Cover all the bases here because he is still the parrot you used to love. Now, you are getting to see exactly who you have loved all these years. All parrots can and do become dangerous on occasion, and it ALWAYS has a reason.

Toxins in the home can be perfumes, deoderizers including candles and the plug in variety, bleach, ammonia, paint and fingernail polish and remover fumes. All of these are toxic to birds, and the list is much longer than that. If his diet is incorrect as in eating human food instead of organic pellets made for a parrot, then this can make a parrot start becoming aggressive. Parrots need to eat parrot food only becuase most human foods are poison for them and for us actually.

Let us know what avian vet has to say about your bird's state of health. It is good you are afraid of your bird, because this means you will take extra care in handling him until this can be resolved.


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