2month old Sun Conure not eating enough and watery poop

by Katherine
(Flushing, NY)

I just got Kiwi 4days ago from the lady who was weaning her. She had a full stomach and her poop was big and solid. So i got an idea of what her poop looked like. However, ever since then she hasn't had a fully stomach. the lady gave me some of the pellets she was feeding her and said to had some water so it could be softer for her to eat. She's also eating chopped, shmushed bananas.

Her poop in the past few days has not been solid except for a few droppings yesterday. Other than that it's either extremely watery, not solid, or just water alone.

During the night she sleeps in her tent but won't poop unless I uncover her cage.(I've read that that's normal). She'll then come out of her tent and have one large dropping. This morning it was greenish-brown and resembled diarrhea.

She'll have Kelloggs if i feed it to her from my mouth. She'll eat a bit but then when she's through she tries to play with us when we're trying to feed her a bit more. I can tell her screech apart when shes hungry also. I'm just starting to introduce her different foods, could that be the reason for this?

Sorry it's a bit much, but I've had a Quaker as well and never had this problem. However she is still playful and loves crawling up your body and cuddling.

Thanks, Kat

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Feb 25, 2011
Conure with watery poop
by: Tracie

First, call your breeder and tell them what is going on. The bird may be drinking more than eating because it wants to revert back to hand feeding formula. This happens often.

This needs to be done TODAY, because if this is not the problem then you need to get the bird into an avian vet right away.

Feeding your bird something that has come from your mouth is not a good idea. The bacteria in your mouth may make your bird sick.

Birds should be seen by an avian vet once a year for a check up and vaccine anyway, so if your breeder did not take this bird for a health certificate before selling the bird to you, this needs to be done. Really good breeders always take their babies to an avian vet for a check up before selling the bird to make sure they are selling a healthy bird.

The reason some do NOT do this, is because it makes the price higher and people prefer a "cheap" bird over a healthy bird. Breeders want to make the sale, so they skip the vet visits. Sad but true.

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