3 birds died, one left

by Nat
(Atlantic city new jersey egg harbor twp )

I had four lovebirds and three died and there is one left and it is a male what should I do

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Feb 08, 2011
3 birds died, one left
by: Linda

In order to find out why the 3 birds died, necropsies will have to be done on them by an Avian Vet. With this many deaths there is either a toxin (poison) involved or they were sick with something else. Toxins come in many forms, and the list is long. Toxins can be in the water, air, food or even cages and toys. Make sure you do not use any perfumes, scented candles, air fresheners including heavily scented dryer sheets. Fingernail polish and remover is highly toxic as is bleach, ammonia and other leading brands of cleaners. Focus is carried here, and it is non toxic and kills same pathogens as does bleach in a much safer way. You cannot spray this directly on cage with birds present, and you can spray it on a cloth and wipe cage and perches down with it. Toys can be take out and sprayed with it and then rinsed thoroughly.

Other toxins are paint which also includes latex indoor wall paint. This paint is highly toxic until dry and cured out which can take up to a month. All pets are apt to become ill or die from exposure to latex or any other kind of paint, paint thinner and any kind of aerosol spray whether paint or Pam for pans. All aerosols have to be taken outside to be used.

So, my advice is to run not walk to an Avian Vet with your last bird to have some bloodwork done to see levels in kidneys, liver, thyroid and parathyroid. Toxins will settle in the liver mostly and because birds have no fat, there is nothing to help disperse them like with humans and other animals.

Let us know how this goes, and it is a shame the others have died. Necropsies have to be done almost immediately after death in order to get to the root of the problem. As tissue breaks down, so do the toxins.


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