3 week old chicken has twisted leg.

Chicken with twisted leg

I know this isn't a parrot question, but their legs are somewhat structured the same way as a chicken. Her right joint above her hock is turned inward almost touching her other leg. She is acting normal, and walks on both feet. I know it will become an issue some time, and I want to treat it. a cast??splint?

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Apr 29, 2011
chick with twisted leg
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. I took the chick to the avian vet and the said she was fine for now. There was not much they could do. They don't think a fracture, probably a dislocation. She acts normal. They said if it starts getting worse, than to bring her back in for an x-ray.

Apr 26, 2011
Chicken with twisted leg
by: The Avian Vet

This is common in chicks. I cannot tell much from the photo, but it is unlikely that you will be able to correct this with bandages. However, if I could examine him I could better tell. If he is mobile, eating, drinking, acting normally, then you may not have to do anything. You should have him seen by an avian veterinarian to see what your options are.

Dr B
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Apr 25, 2011
3 week old chicken has twisted leg.
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing in. Your baby needs to be examined by an Avian(bird) Vet in your driving area. They will xray the leg and then proceed with what they need to do. This is a very delicate situation, and we cannot advise you because we are not Avian Vets and can only tell you that this will become worse and may impede being able to roost when old enough.

The phone book should have avian vets in your area listed, and some regular dog and cat vets also have an Avian Vet on staff, so read the ads because ads will say they do if they do. The regular dog and cat vet cannot treat your bird because they are not licensed or trained to do so and could kill your bird with too much medicine or the wrong kind and generally not handle this situation with the expertise needed to try and correct this problem. There is also a link on this page for help in finding Avian Vets, so you may wish to look at it. In some areas, they are spread out kind of thin, so you may have to drive a ways or there may be one close, you'll just have to see.

Again, thanks for writing, and be sure and let us know what avian vet says and does and how your little one is doing.


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