3 year old cockatiel began panting and later died

by Linda
(Wilmington, NC)

Our babies

Our babies

We had two cockatiels, one male (Nibbles - on the ladder) and a female (Bubbles - on the perch). I clipped their nails tonight, which upset the female. After I was finished, the female began panting, and seemed to be off balance. She stayed on the bottom of the cage and died a few hours later. I have clipped their nails before, and she has never liked it, but we have obviously never had this kind of result before.

Did we do something wrong? Should we be concerned about the male?

Thanks for any advice!

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Apr 27, 2010
cocky loss
by: bill

i am sorry to hear of your males loss. i came home yesterday and my female was suffering from egg binding and died, or male is going through a hard time, but we changed the cage and all the perches and toys and he has one of there offspring with him so hopefully, with our added attention he will get over it eventually. it is amazing how attached they get.

May 08, 2009
Cockatiel death
by: The Vet

Yes, something could be wrong. Make an appointment today to have him looked at.

Dr B

May 06, 2009
Possible Heart Attack?
by: Linda

Linda, if your birds have been together for a while, your male may grieve until he stops eating and dies, so getting another Cocky would be a good idea. BEFORE you do that, please take the male to the vet to make sure he is infection-free because if both of your birds have/had infections, it will be unsafe to bring another bird in until your male is pronounced clean of infections. As for the new bird, please get her from a reliable breeder and not a pet store as most of their birds are already sick or getting that way. It would be a good idea to take her to vet for a checkup before she even comes home if you can make that happen, so she does not bring something in to your male.

I have two Amazons, and the male also does the panting after vet cuts his nails and beak every few months. He gets very hot wrapped in the towel plus holding birds scares most of them which can lead to a heart attack if they spend too much time wrapped up.

If you've done their nails before, was something different this time with her?

I suggest going ahead and making an appointment with your avian vet to have the male checked out. If he is clean, then you may wish to find him another friend as they feel the death of a mate or close friend as much as we humans do. I had a pair of Cockies some years ago, and his mate was too young to lay eggs, and she died in the middle of a night trying to lay an egg she was too small to lay. He woke us up flying and screaming, and we found her dead in the bottom of cage. Next day, he refused food and water. He put himself into a corner of the bottom of cage and would not go anywhere. We went out and bought him another Cockie friend, and the first thing he did was to run up to the perches, check out his new girl, and then almost jumped into his feed dish he was so hungry. So, take care of the vet trip and then try and find him a mate. He may or may not behave as mine did, but he may.

Let us know about how everything works out as we are interested in your bird and all birds and their health and well-being. Be sure and get the new girl checked out too as different environments have different bacteria, and your male could get sick or sick again.


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