3 year old sun conure - blad spot on head

by Sonia
(Staten Island, NY USA)

Sun Conure bald spot

Sun Conure bald spot

We have 2 sun conures approx 3.5 years old (purchased June 2009) who share a cage. One suddenly developed small bald spot on head. We do not see him being plucked by the other. Do not see pin feathers on the bald spot. Otherwise healthy and normal behavior. Have noticed alot of downey feathers on floor though.

Thank you for any advise/reasons you can provide.

Sonia and Stu

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Sep 03, 2017
Sunconure getting bald
by: Anonymous

Hi my bird is 3 years old n somehow she is getting bald day by day. There are some small white feather growing but not much . Can u please advise what I should do?

Thank you

Editor's note: The only way to know what is causing this and what treatment is best is to find an avian vet for your bird. If there are no avian vets near you, then find a good breeder because they should have an avian vet.

Nov 01, 2016
Thanks to Anonymous
by: Nic

I found a bald spot on my Sun's head and thought he'd been preened to but as I read your response I realised is exactly what's happened. Bald spot turned dark and now there's little feathers beginning to grow. So even though your answer's late, I thank you

Jun 14, 2016
Bald spot from hitting window
by: Anonymous

I realize this thread is very old but thought I'd add another possible cause for any future readers that come along.

My sun conure got spooked once, jumped off the perch, flew head first into the sliding glass window (even though he was clipped). He was fine but about 30 mins later the feathers on the top of his head started falling out. It left a bald spot of almost the exact same size and location as this photo. By the end of the day, the exposed skin turned red then darkened as you would expect of any bruise.

Within 1-2 weeks pin feathers started emerging and in less than 4 weeks, you couldn't tell anything had happened.

Oct 16, 2014
Bald spot sun conure
by: Anonymous

My sun has never been with another. We have had him for seven years just developed bald spot. Took out wood he was chewing up, added more fresh veggies and he is getting worse. Tonight we are trying newsprint no rubbing going on. But was molting more than usual prior to bald spot

Apr 16, 2011
Hey there.
by: Kevin Smith

I have a 3 year old Sun Conure, recently I noticed a bald spot on his head that looks exactly like your birds, I wasn't sure whether this was normal or not so I let it be for 2 days to see if it would start to grow back but the spot has grown dark. I don't want to take him to a Vet if I don't have to because it is expensive so any advice you may have on this would be awesome. If it turns out that he needs to go to a vet I won't hesitate.

Editor's note: Bald spots are never normal. Also, please post as a new question if you want others to find and answer your questions. You answered this question with your question.

Jul 03, 2010
I don't think it is plucking
by: Larue

My sun conure has a bald spot almost exactly like the one in the picture, but I only have one conure (for now). I don't know what is causing it, but I plan to have it checked out at the vet next week. The rest of his feathers are beautiful and healthy so I have really no idea what is going on.

Nov 10, 2009
Conure with bald spot on head
by: The Vet

The most likely cause is form the one bird pulling the feathers out of the other bird. A bird cannot pluck his own head. It is possible that the bird is rubbing his head on a toy or cage because it itches or is otherwise uncomfortable.

These two birds should be separated to see if the feathers are allowed to grow back. After separating them you may find that they are more friendly towards you, too. If you cannot or do not want to separate them, then you may want to consider a larger cage. The minimum size I recommend for two sun conures would be 24 x 36 and the larger the better.

In addition, you will want multiple high perches at the same height, multiple other perches, and several food dishes and or foraging containers.

Finally you should take this bird in to see an avian veterinarian in case this is a medical condition. You may also want to examine the diet. Your bird should be eating 80% pellets and 20% treats. Good pellets, like Harrison's not the colored ones. They also need unfiltered sun light (not through glass), or a full spectrum light. This will help their skin and feathers.

Dr B

Nov 09, 2009
3 year old sun conure - blad spot on head
by: Linda

Hi there and thanks for writing! Your other bird is plucking this one, and you will need to put them in separate cages from now on.

We have a bonded breeding pair of Amazons, and when the plucking started, I was like you, and DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING. You won't see it because the bird knows it is not supposed to be doing this. Our hen plucked ALL the feathers from around her mate's neck leaving him bald there for a long time. He is still partially bald because once the feathers are pulled so many times, they WILL NOT GROW BACK IN.

You can put birds close to each other, and you'll have to get another cage to put the plucker or offender in. I don't know WHY birds do this, I just know what has to be done. We had to invest in a large Macaw flight cage that has a divider in the middle to keep our female from plucking the male. We MAY take out divider later on, and are almost afraid to since Eli is almost bald around his neck!!! They groom each other through the bars in the divider, and she cannot get a good enough hold on him to pull out his feathers, so they can kiss, feed each other and groom just no plucking!

You could check around and see if you can find a smaller cage with the divider and then your birds could be together just not SO MUCH together.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted on how this goes.


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