30 yr old amazon laid her first egg three days ago, now no poop all night

by Donna
(Quincy, illinois)

My 30 yr old yellownape laid her first egg on the bed a few days ago, it was bloody and she dripped a few drops of blood. my partner and I were horrified, called our vet, and she said to bring her to the clinic. She had a check and some ointment up her vent. yesterday she was taken back and xrayed and no more eggs, we were so relieved all tho I worried all night last night about my baby, I handraised her and bought her from a breeder when I was 40, now I am nearing 71.

We give her pellets and she never has her cage door closed until bedtime. She is given fruit and veges and fresh water. But, last night we put her to bed at like 6 pm and she did not get uncovered until like 9 am. And she has not pooped all night, she usually poops quite a bit during the night, in one spot below in the cage, where she sits up on a perch. so this morning she pooped a large circle of green poop, but, that was the last one and it is bedtime again. Is this unusual, or just natural since this stretched cocoxea and egg drop. Please let me know. thanks, donna

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Mar 11, 2012
sadie is pooping naturally again.
by: Anonymous

dear Dr. B: Sadie is back to her regular routine of pooping. She has been and is eating veges, fruits and pellets and drinking water fine. And she is back to normal. I was very worried and seems we are out of the woods. We have not left her alone all through this for the last ten days. So, it has been a grave concern for our baby. thanks for the support and help. After I get my vet bills pd and traveling expenses out of the way, I plan on buying some products from our site. thanks again, really apprecite it. My partner thanks you as well. Donna

Mar 10, 2012
Bird bleeding after laying egg
by: The Avian Vet

Dripping blood after an egg is abnormal and you should take her in for that reason if no other. There is a chance she has papillomatosis or herpes virus or injury to the reproductive tract. If she is not passing droppings it could mean she is not eating or she is blocked. You need to take her back to the veterinarian for a recheck.

Dr B

Mar 08, 2012
thanks so much for your reply.
by: Anonymous

Linda: Yes, dr sue is an avian vet as well as dog and cat, etc. She is very good with sadie and does not get stressed seeing her. she is back to pooping now, but, it is not formed as well as usual and we are feeding her banana and grapes so that is part of the loose part. she is very alert, and we let her out and put her back on the bed with her toys, and she loves to run through the laundry when my partner thows it on the bed, after it cools off. It is a fun time for her. she is going to bed earlier than before, she gets tired sooner. We are very careful with her. if she has a tear from the strain will it heal on its own ok? do you think if we avoid any stimuli next spring she will do this again? we really are concerned. She s so well cared for and she is so pretty and shiny, and talks fluently. I wish all people could bond and love their parrot the way we love sadiebelle. I surely wish that she outlives me. The loss would literally kill me. I just adore her, and handfed her as a baby, and we are so close. well anyway thanks again, appreciate your answer so quick. Donna j Bourne

Mar 07, 2012
30 yr old amazon laid her first egg three days ago, now no poop all night
by: Linda

Keep an eye on her, and hopefuly, you took her to an Avian Vet because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in bird care and treatment.
Find an Avian Vet

The blood is of major concern because it usually means tearing of tissue which would be very painful. I'd take her back to Avian Vet if she does not start pooping normally again because there could be a tear that needs stitching up in there. A hen who has waited this long to lay an egg and then has such trouble with it may indicate you need a soft tissue view. The xray will only show if eggg is lodged in there, and it will not show soft tissue damage.Sometimes rectum prolapses with the strain though you should have seen this by now.

Keep a close eye on her and limit her time out of cage or at least any stress, even good stress is still stress. If she's not back to normal in say a week, then she needs a serious look by an Avian Vet who may refer you to someone else who has correct equipment if they don't have it.

I certainly hope this old girl is okay because she's lived an awfully long time to start having problems now. We highly recommend yearly exams for all birds, and this becomes more urgent as parrots age. They sometimes develop some of the same problems humans do. I really like the fact that you have been careful about her diet because many parrots have been forced to eat all seed diets for so many years that they start to develop all manner of physical issues because of it.

Keep us informed, and thank you for loving your bird. It is always refreshing for me to read a letter like yours where there is real love and a high level of care involved.

Linda and her Amazons AKA the Flying Monkeys!

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