30 yr old yellownape that laid a bloody egg. Now, lumps?

by Donna Bourne
(Quincy, il)

As I informed you a few weeks ago my yellow nape, sadie at age 30 laid a large bloody egg, to our dismay. We took her to our vet that does avian med. too, she xrayed her and said no more eggs were there, showed us the xray. She is fine, playing, talking, eating, pooping, etc. I was holding her on her back on my chest today and I laid my hand down by her vent to check and found that there are two hard raised lumps there, not really real large, but, I do not know if they are supposed to be there, or if I need to return her for another xray. I do not know if more radiation could hurt her, even if she should go back. I just do not remember if they were always there. maybe it is just her organs or something? please let me know what you think. I am so worried. having a loving talking little friend for 30 years is so rewarding to me at 71, and my partner of 73. we love her so very much.

She eats fruits, veges, and pellets, the good kind with lots of vitamins in them. but, please help us out, what should we do? donna, Janna

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Apr 01, 2012
Bird with lumps and bloody egg
by: The Avian Vet

You should have her examined again and another x-ray. This is not dangerous to her.

Dr B

Mar 26, 2012
30 yr old yellownape that laid a bloody egg. Now, lumps?
by: Linda

YES! You have to take her back to the avian vet immediately because this is serious and could be some kind of infection from the bloody egg incident. It may or may not require an xray as these may be tumors or abscesses. Avian Vet will examine and go from there. An xray does not have enough radiation to hurt her, and she will die if not treated, so do what needs to be done to help her. I doubt vet will need to do another one anyway.

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