Quality 32x32 Octagon Bird Cage is easy to clean with powder coated wrought iron.

32x32 Octagon Bird Cage Wrought Iron Powder Coated

32x32 Octagon Bird Cage

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Triple lock system for Bird Cage

SKU: OCT3232

* 15" Sides, 32" Wide, 61" Tall
* 40" Inside Height
* 5/8" Bar Spacing
* 4mm Bar Size

Includes * Key Locks on Main Doors
* Triple Safe w/safety tab, key lock and latch
* 2 Large Entry Doors
* 4 Stainless Bowls
* 3 Removable bottom grates
* 3 Removable bottom drawers
* 8 Screw in Casters
* Safety tabs on all doors
* Safety tabs on bottom grate
* Bird Safe Powder Coated
* Premium Wrought Iron
* FREE Shipping!

Great for:
Medium to Large birds
African Greys; Congo and Timneh
Cockatoos; Umbrella, Citron, Moluccan, Palm Eclectus; Male and Female
Mini Macaws; Hahn's, Severe, Yellow Collar, Illigers
Conures; Nanday, Jenday, Sun, Blue Crown, Cherry Head etc.
Ring Neck Parakeets and the like