35 year old blue front amazon hates my boyfriend

My boyfriend and i acquired him from a friend about 6 months ago. He immediately took to me. When we're home alone he can be let out of his cage, will walk around, and will even sit on the couch with me sometimes.

However, if my boyfriend comes home while hes not caged he immediately will run up to him, flap his wings like a madman, and try to bite his ankles. When he does this, i put him back in his cage and will ignore him for awhile but he continues to do this everytime theyre in the same room.

When the bird is in his cage he will let my boyfriend give him treats, will talk to him, and seems friendly enough,- this only happens when hes out of the cage. he is often outside of his cage when other people are over, but he ONLY tries to attack my boyfriend. Please help!

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Sep 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

We own a blue and gold macaw,an we have the same problem,he just loves my wife but hate me to the core,he also will take treats off me,my wife went to see her dad for a whole month,an i was left to look after alfie,he was me best mate'he would come when called'an never even botherd attacking me,but when my wife got back he was back to his old ways,he will come to me but only when he hears my wife call him,so he uses me to take him to her,if i don't take him he will scream for 5 mins then make his own way up the stairs an into our bedroom.i was told he has over bonded with her an it is almost impossible to break that bond,not that i would want to but i would like to walk round the house with out alfie coming from behind the door to attack me,any way im getting a 12 week old grey next week an the wife is NOT going any were near it till it's my mate.

Sep 29, 2011
35 year old blue front amazon hates my boyfriend
by: Linda

For one thing, you're dealing with an older Amazon pretty much set in his ways. Though 35 is only middle aged for the Amazon since they can live to around 70-75 years old. Allow boyfriend to take care of him some. Like cleaning is cage and changing his food and water can make a great deal of difference. Speaking kindly to the bird is also a good idea as birds hear more than what is being said--they hear the feelings under the words.

He may see your boyfriend as a rival for your attention, and in time this will lesson as he gets to know him better. My suggestion is to leave bird in cage while he's around and let boyfriend clean his cage when he comes over. Bird's trust is earned not freely given, and this is a perfect example of it. If your friend does not live with you, then it will take much longer for this trust to kick in. Parrots can get very set in their ways, and an older bird comes with old habits that can be hard but not impossible to break.

Have patience with your bird and learn to feel empathy with him. Time is the great healer, and time will, I think, take care of this problem.

Also, talk about how your boyfriend feels about your bird. Was it his idea to get him or was it yours? If he does not really like parrots, then this is coming across as your bird is not only highly intelligent but can also feel how others feel.

Parrots are treasures sent to us to teach us things about life in general. Learn from your bird as you expect him to learn from you.

Have a nice long talk with your boyfriend about his real feelings about your Amazon and see if he could put himself in the bird's place for just a moment. He might then see how your bird fears his new home plus he does not understand why he was moved in the first place. I say give him time and lots of understanding while at the same time sending the message that he wlll have to stay in his cage when boyfriend is over until he manages to be more civil to him.Let your friend continue to give him treats and get a book or two about the Amazons and let your boyfriend read them. As his understanding grows so may his relationship with your bird.

If needed, you may need to consult a professional in parrot behavior, and I'd go through your Avian Vet to see if they know of anyone reliable to help you with this. Take your bird in to be examined by the Avian Vet because older birds can develop many physical problems from being fed incorrectly for so many years. Have some basic bloodwork done to see how his organs are functioning. He is also grieving the loss of whoever last had him, and this takes time to get over. Please be patient with him because he deserves your full commitment to his well being which means going the extra mile to understand him.

Let us know how this is going and what the Avian Vet said about his overall health.


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