36 hour old Amazon has blood pooling in wingtips after forced hatching

by Bruce Buchanan
(Corpus Christi, Texas)

I liberated a chick from its egg 48 hours past it due time. Pipping had begun on time but stopped, 36 hours later there was no more progress & sounds becoming weaker I opened the egg and discovered the live chick turned sideways and it was tangled in some quite dried out & tough sacking.
The chick was well developed but was dehydrated and 2 Grams underweight at 11 Grams. There was little or no feeding response and little will to thrive. I figured this guy was not going to live but I acted otherwise and started to hydrate and nourish our way back to life. With much focus, prayer and work “Little guy” now is 13 Grams, balances upright on his butt and has a good feeding response. It feels good to pull this off and see this little life now thriving.
Now what is the problem? The chick has dark red wing tips. They are almost purple. This appeared about 6 hours after the forced hatch. It is not an injury, it appears to be blood pooling in the most distal area of the wings and in one toe. After 24 hours the appearance remains the same, no more or less. The skin is somewhat taught at the discolored areas. There must be profusion because it seems that the wing tip is not cold to the touch and does not seem necrotic. I am speculating that there is some arterial problem preventing blood from returning back to hart. I have never seen this and don’t know what to make of it or what to do?
Bruce Buchanan

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Jun 10, 2012
fallow-up on the chick today
by: Anonymous

Thanks all for the comments. A Vet was out of the picture because I am a breeder, & as cold as it sounds “new hatchlings have no value” Also I have learned that I have more just out of the egg hands on expense then our local vets and I stand a better chance of surviving a troubled chick then a Vet that dose wellness checkups, bird diseases & traumas with virtually no or little new hatchling adventures. One visit to a real Vet costs $100.00 I can’t afford that for a chick that has no value yet but I do care a lot to help any thing that is struggling or hurting. I do the best I can and over the years I have learned a lot and I hate to brag but I have survived all of my chicks so far.
About this chick: It will remain a mystery what this was about. The chick survived well and got quite healthy. He was week for the first days but acquired a good feeding response at day4. Dr. B may be quite correct about the in the egg problems.
Treatment was hydration, nourishment, constant 96 degrees, messaging of the edemas on the wings. Despite the treatment, forward looking inferred images I am able to take showed a cooling of the wing tips after 4 days. It became evident that the tissue was dying and I began Baytril antibiotics backed up with beneficial bacteria for crop management during treatment. At about day12 I clipped the necrotic tissue and bone back to a good margin and using a coagulant and antiseptic closed the good tissues over the wound with liquid bandage, today Little Guy has lost his scabs and has good looking pink tissues over the shortened tips of his wings. He will have short wings, he weighs 95 grams now.
Despite my punishment of him he snuggles in my hand and loves me to feed him, he will make a fine pet for some one. He is going to a pet store that will finish hand raising him along with his other 3 siblings.
This is the fallow-up, so if anyone has knowledge of vienular problems in newbie’s of prolonged egg incubation and or forced hatching ,I would be curious to hear.
Thanks, Bruce Buchanan

May 25, 2012
Chick with blood pooling in wings
by: The Avian Vet

This pooling may be due to poor circulation from being in the egg too long. It may also be from struggling to hatch. Gentle messaging will help. Be sure that you keep him hydrated and keep the humidity level appropriate. I also recommend that you have him examined by an avian veterinarian.

Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

May 24, 2012
36 hour old Amazon has blood pooling in wingtips after forced hatching
by: Linda

Bruce, this chick has to be taken to an Avian Vet as an emergency. If you are not close to an Avian Vet, call one and see what they have to say. If you are not more than an hour away from an avian vet, pack the chick up and take with you any handfeeding supplies needed for the trip. Call avian vet and make arrangements for an emergency visit as quickly as you can get there. Not sure what is wrong, and then I'm not an Avian Vet. I'm a bird person like you, and it would be a shame to lose this little guy after all your hard work getting him into the world and stable.

Find an Avian Vet

So, only an avian vet can help you from this point forward and you will not find anyone online who can help you because bird has to be examined in person as quickly as is possible.

This could be internal bleeding that will only get worse as time passes, so hopefully you get this quickly so you can get him to avian vet right away.

Thanks for all your hard work and let us know how the little one makes out. I think an avian vet will be able to not only tell you what is wrong but will also be able to help the baby.


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