38 year old Squeaking Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

by Sharron Benda
(Green Forest, AR. USA)

I have a 38 year old Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot that my Son and I have had since it's birth. We do not know the sex, but call it a male. We have never had any other birds with him.

The problems are that he sits over his food dish 2 or 3 times a day and squeaks loudly for a few minutes, fluffs it's feathers and then stops.

He is also tearing up the papers in the bottom of the cage. He has all kinds of toys and a large cage so I really don't know what the problem is he seems to be happy for he talks all of the time.

Why he is squeaking, and why is he tearing up the paper? Can anyone help with these questions, please?

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Aug 20, 2012
38 year old Squeaking Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot
by: Linda

At 38, your bird reached maturity many years ago, and this may be illness instead of hormones. Amazons come into sexual maturity by 5 years of age, and 38 would be very old to just now start seeing this type of activity. The fact he is making noises over his food may mean he has a pain somewhere, and I'd suggest you seek out the services of your Avian Vet to make sure he does not have any infections. Also have some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. Hopefully you are feeding him healthy organic pellets like Harrison's because an older bird who has eaten all seed diet for this long may be going into kidney/liver failure.All seed diets are horrible for parrots and leave them open for organ failure as they age. With organ failure, you can see some of the same behaviors seen in hormonal birds because they are in pain and not ready to breed. At 38, he is about done with breeding.

Find an Avian Vet

Aug 20, 2012
answer comment.
by: Sharron

How old is breeding age? He is 38 years old.

I open his cage every day at least 4 or 5 times and pet and talk to him. He especially likes it when I rub and pet him around his ears and under his chin. He doesn't try to bite me.

I have several books on Amazons but none of them mention anything about birds becoming hormonal. I had never heard of that.

Maybe you can tell me if it is the female or the male that usually happens to, for we don't know "his" sex.

Aug 19, 2012
Possibly hormonal Amazon parrot
by: Tracie

It is possible that your Amazon is becoming hormonal. Some Amazon parrots become so hormonal that they can not be handled for a few years, so be very careful and watch it's body language so you do not get a nasty bite.

If you have not read any books on Amazon parrots and studied how to care for them when they reach breeding age, then please go to the library or purchase one. We have some books on our books on caring for birds page too.

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