3yr old love birds

by linda
(Pulaski wi)

I just bought 2 3 yr old love birds they have never been trained or held or worked with will I be able to get them to talk and bond with me?

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Feb 11, 2010
3yr old love birds
by: Linda

Yes, Linda, you will be able to work with them to tame and train them, but it will be more difficult with two. May I strongly suggest you cage them separately as this will help in the process. Once they are together in a cage, they will "tune you out", as they will have each other and just won't bother with you and your attempts at taming and training. By caging them in two different cages, you set them up so you can work with one bird at a time. There are training materials on this site, so you may wish to take a look.

FIRST, YOU MUST TAKE BOTH OF THEM TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR DRIVING AREA TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT CARRYING INFECTIONS. When birds are moved, their immune systems become compromised, and they usually get a bacterial infection. BEFORE ANY TAMING AND TRAINING, PLEASE TAKE THEM TO AVIAN VET FOR A CHECKUP. Also have vet trim their wings. Just have them trim the Primary flight feathers which are the 6 long feathers on the end of each wing. DO NOT TRIM UP ANY HIGHER AS THIS CAUSES CONTINUAL PAIN AND WILL CRIPPLE YOUR BIRDS. Lots of folks think more is better when trimming wings, and that is so very wrong. You want your birds to glide softly to the floor, not drop like a rock, so just have the primary feathers trimmed.

Your birds will also need to be on an organic, high quality pelleted diet to ensure they are getting proper nutrition. All seed diets are not healthy and will result in sick birds more often than not. Even the lesser priced pellets can have the same results as all seed diets in that they are full of dyes, preservatives and possibly pesticide/fertilizer residue. Birds are extremely sensitive to ALL kinds of man-made chemicals, so try one of the organic pellets Tracie carries out here. The changeover takes time, so I'm adding a link to an article written by an Avian Vet in how to go about the change.

Thanks for writing, and we wish you all the best with your new little family members!

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