4 mo old love bird died suddenly

by Julie
(Tarzana, ca)

I was holding my fischer lovebird i purchased 3 wks ago at a pet shop. I used a small towel, he bites/not tame. I have held him about 2 other times for no longer than 2-3 min. I sat down with him and was petting him on the head. He bite the towel, then settled down. i saw him start to close his eyes so I moved my hand a little and he was alert. Then he started to close his eyes again, I petted him and realized he died????

I was in shock. What happened?? I feel so bad. maybe if I didnt hold him and let him be wild he would be ok. He seemed very healty, climbing all over his cage , eating, drinking, chirping in AM and evening. I dont understand i. he seemed vey healhty and strong.

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Oct 17, 2011
4 mo old love bird died suddenly
by: Linda

Yes, as the other person said, most birds coming from the chain pet stores are already sick. The first thing people need to do is take their new bird to an Avian Vet for a checkup. Sick birds cannot be handled and trained because they are sick and weak. Infections are kept hidden by parrots of all species because to show weakness or sickness in the wild is a recipe for death or being driven from flock which is a slower death. Sick and injured birds bring predators from the way they smell, so our pet parrots are still very much exotic wild animals and behave in lots of circumstances just like their wild counterparts.

Also, hooray for Canada and the new rules. That's the problem here in the states because the bird mill breeders' birds cost less because the breeders put nothing into them. Bird Mill breeders operate exactly like puppy and kitten mills, in that they feed very low quality food, are crowded into small filthy cages with filthy environment and to top it off, they never see an Avian Vet or a regular dog and cat vet for the dogs and cats. In other words, they are making money based on the bodies and souls of countless animalds and birds. Not even close to being a real, feeling human being.

Do not buy from the large chain pet stores and be careful about the smaller ones as well. Always ask if the animal or bird has a recent health certificate from a licensed and trained vet before buying. I hope the US follows in Canada's footsteps on this one because there are so many animals and birds suffering at the hands of mill breeders here and I would assume all over the world.

I'm very sorry about your loss, and if and when you get another bird, make the first thing you do with it be taking it to an Avian Vet to have it checked for infections or other physical problems. Sick birds are just that, SICK, and they cannot be handled and trained like a healthy bird because their little hearts just stop beating from the stress.


Oct 17, 2011
Lovebird died
by: Anonymous

No, don't blame yourself for your lovebird's death. He most likely was sick, coming from a chain of pet stores. Most of the time, they don't take them to an avian vet to be checked over.

Here in Canada, starting in Ontario and spreading across Canada, the pet stores are no longer allowed to sell puppies, kittens and hopefully baby parrots from breeders or mills. They have to work with rescues and spca's now. Just hope this spreads all over the world.

I'm so sorry about your lovebird. If you can I would take it to an avian vet for a necropsy and if sick, sue the pet store for your money back.

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