4 month old blue gold --swollen neck

Please help we just got a 4mnth blue&gold on 3(80cc)feedings a day. about an hour or so after feeding tonight we noticed her neck swollen(like a bubble ) with a bare spot on the swollen section. We have only had her for a few days and are neverous is this anything we should worry about?

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May 03, 2009
B&G with swollen neck
by: The Vet

It could be the crop that is full of food, which is of course normal. But it may be that the formula was injected incorrectly and now the food is under the skin. I assume this is the first time you have hand fed a bird? And at 4 months this bird should be weaned or very near weaning? Breeders should never sell unweaned babies. Hand feeding does not cause the bird to bond with you. In fact, the opposite occurs; they look at you as the parent and refuse to bond with you, after sexual maturity.

Please read the article on Unweaned Baby Parrots on the Parrot Training page that may explain it more thoroughly.

My recommendation is that you take your baby in for an exam by an avian veterinarian who has hand feeding experience ? DON?T WAIT.

Dr B

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