4 month old conga african grey parrot claws


ihave just resently, bought a 4 month old conga african grey parrot, who was hand reared and is very tame and loving. but i have noticed she has 2 claws on each foot is this normal? and will the others grow?

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Feb 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

Your bird is supposed to have 4 TOES on each foot. If it only has two, then your bird is just unique, u should get your bird checked out regardless by an AVIAN for other issues. Once you get a clean bill of health, all your bird needs is an excellent diet, please know that giving it just SEEDS/PELLETS is not good. Good variety blend. Google diets for African Greys. The better your bird eats and has good activity time in and out of the cage, as well as fun time changes with toys, training and lots and lots of love, you will have an amazing parrot. They are the smartest and best talkers! You have a baby, so you have a wonderful opportunity to mold your parrot into an amazing member of the family! To be the best owner, know EVERYTHING YOU CAN about your PARROT, from health, to DIET, to feathering, to HORMONAL changes, to TOYS, CAGING, everything, everything you CAN! Good Luck with your precious BABY!

Feb 10, 2013
4 month old conga african grey parrot claws
by: D Singh

Hello Mrs Crooks,

I'm very pleased to answer your question; Parrots are supposed to have four toes on each foot. I once knew an Amazon Parrot that had two toes on each foot. I don't know if he was born that way or if some other bird had bitten them off.
What I do know is that he never missed out on anything. Whether it was playing, climbing, walking and standing on the perch; he had no problems.

I never really noticed any toes were missing until my friend brought it to my attention. We are not perfect in this world and you're a great person to want to share your love with this sweet bird, take care of him well and God bless you.

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