4 month old conure not learning to fly

by Laura
(Lansing, M)

Our four year old pineapple conure flies, but not well. He also does not have any other birds in the household to teach him, but I'm wondering when I should expect him to fly normally? He gets up in the air but can't seem to fly in a straight controlled line. He can land sometimes on a specific landing (hand, chair, etc.) but other times he just sort of helicopters around. Any thoughts?

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Feb 20, 2012
4 month old conure not learning to fly
by: Linda

It's different for each bird. I have two Amazons who have never had their wings clipped. The hen can fly straight up from the floor while the male cannot get that kind of uplift. He weighs less than the hen.

What would be very good for your bird is being able to fly across his cage horizontally or from perch to perch outside cage. This would mean a large cage with a perch on both sides and enough room inbetween so he can get his wings running but not so far apart that he falls to the bottom of the cage or floor. If he's had his wings clipped, flying can be less if part of the feathers are back in and some are not. In my case, neither Amazon has ever had wings clipped, so it appears the hen just has more power than the male. The flying horizontally will help your bird to develop his muscles and fly better.

If your bird has not been examined by an Avian Vet in the last year, now would be a good time to have him checked for infections and some basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning and if there are any viral infections present. We recommend yearly exams to keep birds in optimum health. His weight also has much to do with flying lift, so if he is overweight, that would affect flying. Avian vet will weigh him and tell you if he is in normal range or not.

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