4 month old quaker not active or vocal

by Sandy

I just purchased a 4 month old Quaker Parrot at a Bird show and I have a very large cage for him but he is not active he stays in one corner of the cage and is not vocal he does eat and drink and seems to be healthy. When I take him out(he learned Step Up in one day) he tries to fly back to the cage in his corner. Should I worry? Does he need to get used to us?It has only been 2 days.

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Nov 21, 2017
Baby sun conure not active
by: Melissa

help my baby sun conure is not active and how do I provide him enough sleep. he seems to be not ver active, is tjat a normal bird behavior?

Apr 26, 2009
4 month old quaker not active or vocal
by: Diego

omg not that guy who lies about the vidand his brother is a famouse magition that doesnt work my bird are still going to the back right corner when i put my hand in the cage

Apr 21, 2009
Thanks soooooooo Much.
by: Sandra Powell

Thank you for your expertise,I feel so much better and at peace now.

Apr 20, 2009
New bird not active
by: Tracie

Yes, this is normal behavior. You will have to earn the bird's trust. I know it is very hard, but try to be patient and not push the bird to do things it is not ready to do. Reward the bird when it gets on your hand with a hulled sunflower seed or something special.

I have some articles in on our Parrot Training page that might be helpful too.

I am sure you will eventually be great friends and have a great life together. :-)

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