4 week old Green wing macaw

by Vicki Johnson

I have a beautiful 4 week old green Wing Macaw when he hatch his mom nipped half of his back toe off will this lower the price if i ever sale him ??

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May 29, 2011
4 week old Green wing macaw
by: Linda

You need to get this baby to an Avian Vet in your driving area immediately if not sooner. The fact that you are more worried about selling him later instead of a massive infection killing him now is more than I can understand.

If this toe gets infected, this baby bird will die as babies have no immune systems with which to fight infection. He needs to be taken to an avian vet so you can get some safe medicine to keep it from getting infected or for if it is already infected.

If your baby dies, you'll get NO MONEY FOR IT, so please do the right thing by this baby and take ti the Avian Vet as quickly as you can get an appointment.

If the Mother is hurting the babies, all have to be removed from the nest, and you will have to begin handfeeding using baby parrot formula fed using a syringe. Hopefully, you've at least prepared yourself for this possibility. If not, find a Macaw breeder in your area to show you how to do it from the mixing and heating of it all the way through how to handfeed a baby Macaw. They are not as easy as the smaller birds, so you will need someone to show you how unless you already know how. There is baby parrot formula on this site, and Avian Vet can give you correct size syringes for your baby. Weaning age for the large birds, like the Macaws and Cockatoos is around 8 or 9 months. If weaned sooner than this, birds can be emotionally and physically damaged, so do not wean too soon on this very large bird. I know that commercial breeders wean sooner, and they are hurting their babies, and birds can have various serious personality issues from weaning too soon. In the wild, mother Macaws wait almost a year to start weaning their babies, so 8 or 9 months is actually early.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say and it is critical to remove all the babies if Mother is prone to hurt them. Next time, she will kill one or more of them, so do not take this advice lightly. The fact that she has hurt this one means, she will most likely do it again, and next time it will be with far worse injuries. I would not use this hen for anymore breeding if you actually want living babies out of it. For now, do what you need to do and worry about how much money you'll make later when it is actually an appropriate conversation. Putting money before the baby bird's welfare sends a megative message to me about you and breeding birds. It will also do the same for others reading this. Quality birds are the only ones needing to be sold whether you make a little or a lot. Less money is made when breeders take care of their birds. Only the bird mill breeders feed garbage food and do not take their sick and injured birds to an avian vet when needed. Being a bird mill breeder is against the law and can carry heavy fines and jail time, so take care of your birds or you may be looking at charges for animal cruelty.

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May 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Short answer is yes- any imperfection will reduce the price of a baby bird! Unfortunately you should be more worried about a well equipped permanent home rather than worrying about how much money this little life is worth!

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