4 yr old Quaker

by Karen
(Champlin, MN.. USA)

Can you teach a 4yr old to talk? Or is that to old to start learning something new?

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Dec 11, 2009
4 yr old Quaker
by: Linda

4 is not too old to begin teaching a bird to talk or other things as well.

First, you will need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure he is healthy and not harboring any infections or other physical problems. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE ANY KIND OF TRAINING PROGRAM IS BEGUN.

After that, you can find some training materials on the Parrot Training page, as well as books about general parrot care including correct cage types and sizes, natural wood perches, toys appropriate for your bird's size and high quality organic pelleted diets. Tracie carries several kinds out here, and each one is a great choice for parrots of all kinds. All seed diets are very poor nutrition even if supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Most vitamins are synthetic and birds are unable to use them.

training aids

Talking is the easiest thing of all for birds to learn, and they don't need anything special except you talking to them. Please do not make the mistake of becoming boring by saying the same things over and over in a monotone voice. Birds are excited by words that hold some emotion, and I find they can learn just by being talked and sung to during play and feeding times. Your bird will need time to adjust to new home, and some birds are more prone to talking than others as it is an individual thing. I have two 30+ Amazons, and the male talks up a storm while the female says a very nice hello and that's it. The less importance you attach to talking the more likely your bird will be to repeat words, songs and sounds he likes. Birds can also put together short sentences to ask for what they like. Eli likes to say "Cookie for Eli", and he says that one very loud. Just don't expect too much too soon, and you both will be happier for that. Some people are all caught up in their birds talking, and the birds feel the pressure and end up never saying anything. They are sensitive and pick up on our states of mind and emotions very easily. Relax and enjoy your bird's company and let the rest come naturally or not.

Thanks for writing,

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