40x30 Dome Top Bird Cage in Powder Coat or Stainless Steel at discount prices!

40x30 Stainless Steel Bird Cage

40x30 Dome Top Bird Cage

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Cage color choices

40x30 Dome Top Bird Cage

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!


Exterior Dimensions: Width 40½"" Depth 30½" Height 76½"
Interior Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 76
Bar Spacing: 1"
Bar Thickness: 5 mm (1/5")

Features for 40x30 Dome Top Bird Cage:

Tough Thick Bars
Dome Top Cage
Removable Grate
Four Stainless Steel Cups
Removable Seed Tray
Breeder Box Door
Wood Perches
Seed Catchers
Screw in casters
2 locks on the Main Door

Great for:

Macaws; Blue and Golds, Military, Blue Throat, etc.
Cockatoos; Moluccans, Triton, Goffins, etc.
Amazons; Yellow Nape, Blue Front, Ref Lored, etc.
African Greys
Like sized birds