40 x 32 Dome Top Bird Cage with Play Top and Drop Down Front Panel

Our 40x32 Dome Top Bird Cage is Wrought Iron with Quality Powder Coating to last you years.

40 x 32 Dome Top Bird Cage

40 x 32 Dome Top Bird Cage
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SKU: GC6-4032


Victorian Dome Top Bird Cage 40" x 32"

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!
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* Exterior Dimensions: Width 40" Depth 32" Height 74"
* Bar Spacing: 1"
* Bar Thickness: 3.5mm (1/5")


* Victorian Top Cage
* Play Top Opening
* Drop Down Front Panel
* Removable Grate
* Stainless Steel Cups
* Removable Seed Tray
* Wood Perches
* Seed Catchers
* Screw In Casters
* Premium Quality Wrought Iron

Good for:

* Amazons
* Cockatoos
* Pionus
* African Grays
* Macaws of all sizes
* Like size birds

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