4.5 month old male eclectus started moaning loud when he sees me

by Nikos
(SIlver Spring, MD )

Hello, I recently acquired a red-sided Eclectus about 5 months old, named Chu-Chu, from a breeder. I have been with him for 2 weeks and he had his first vet visit a few days ago, labs pending. I was just told he looks on the lean side (351 gms) and I should try pellets, not just veggies-fruit and eggs. He has been extremely friendly from day 1 and responds to "step up" etc. He is trying my fingers but we worked on that and it's happening less.
What I noticed in the past 5 days is that he does a constant moaning sound eh- eh -eh when I'm around at night. It happened about 1.5 weeks ago, I ignored it with a lot of effort and it went away. Now its more loud and pronounced when my friends are in the same room. I had to cover the cage was past 10 pm both occasions to quiet him down.
During the day he doesn't do it. Just a soft moaning type sound. He has a variety of toys and plays with them when I'm not around I know it because he chews on them, trims his beak etc and I guess he is eating well because he at least half empties three trays and poops all the time.
I'm afraid that if I start giving into the loud moaning he will do it intentionally to force me to deal with him whenever he wants to. Still waiting for the vet's lab results. Any similar experiences?

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Aug 31, 2012
4.5 month old male eclectus started moaning loud when he sees me
by: Nikos

Thanks guys! I am by no means an expert. He retains a very good functional status, flies around and is interested in everything. I think I overdid it on veggies and fruit because all of the books I read said to avoid too much pellet food. Vet said protein levels are low so I soaked pellets in juice and mixed them with bananas, his favorite food. He has been munching and pooping all day and hopefully we will avoid more trouble!

Aug 30, 2012
your baby
by: Anonymous

It's one thing to ignore an adult or juvi that's being naughty, it's another to ignore a baby who needs your attention.

He is still a baby & you shouldn't ignore him. You will need to wait for vet results to get back to you. If it's an illness the vet will be able to help.

Since you have only just acquired him & the vet thinks he's a little under weight, it's likely he's only JUST weaned, possibly force weaned & the reason he's crying. He's hungry!! Try giving him a sooky feed of formula. Find out from your breeder what he fed him when he was hand reared. Give him this at night & see if it settles him down.

Another thing to think about is that it is a security call he giving. He's new, he's insecure & you need to respond to his calls, just to let him know you're there, you can here him. Call back out to him so he can here you.

Aug 30, 2012
4.5 month old male eclectus started moaning loud when he sees me
by: Linda

If you don't get this bird some baby parrot handfeeding formula and start feeding him with either a syringe or a spoon, he is going to die. The moaning you are referring to is called "hungry, starving baby bird", and he will cry like this until he falls over dead from starvation.He is pleading with you the only way he knows how, and is being sorely misunderstood.

All baby parrots, regardless of species revert back to needing to be handfed when they are moved. The fact he is "on the lean side" should have alerted you to this, and the avian vet was remiss not to ask if you were handfeeding.

There is handfeeding formula here, but you need to get to a pet store that carries RoudyBush baby parrot handfeeding formula. Read directions carefully because the food has to be heated, and cannot be too hot. Test some on inside of you wrist or bend of arm to make sure it does not burn you. If it burns you, it will burn baby's crop, and he can die from that. Food prepared in microwave has hot spots, so stir it up, and then test on your arm. Syringe feeding is the best for the babies, so have avian vet or breeder show you how to do this correctly. This bird needs a 60cc syringe at least 2-3 times a day until he is comfortable eating regular food which needs to be high quality organic pellets and only 10-15% of total diet in fruit/veggies. Below is some information for weaning your baby bird as the Eclectus have some special dietary needs:


Vet suggestions for budgie, lory and eclectus diets

Between those two articles you should have enough to get you going. Right now, he needs to be handfed at least twice a day and have avian vet show you how to do it correctly. If done wrong, the baby can aspirate formula and die of pneumonia so make sure either avian vet or breeder shows you how to use syringe.Wean onto organic pellets like Harrisons found here along with required fruit and veggies. Stop feeding the egg once you begin the handfeeding formula because you will cause a dietary imbalance. It is probably all that's keeping him alive right now.

Your baby is dying of starvation, and he is doing his very best to tell you this, and instead of listening, you are ignoring his pleas for help. Good luck keeping him alive from this point and I hope he survives.


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