4-wk Sunday - limp leg

by DM
(Siesta Key, FLorida)

We adopted a 4 week old Sunday, and he lies on his left leg alot...with it straight back underneath him ~ appears "limp." But more and more he pulls it up under himself and stands on it, and his grip is just as strong as the other leg. As he practices standing, it appears fine as it is right next to the other one in a normal looking way.

The leg is not mis-shaped or anything and appears exactly like the other one...its just he lies down on it when he is in his box he stretches it out behind him. Has anyone seen that before? We're taking him to the vet this week, but Id love to hear if anyone has experienced this?

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Feb 04, 2009
Splay leg on Conure
by: The Vet

The concern I would have is a condition known as splay leg. If he is able to pull it under himself then the leg is probably normal. But I cannot state that without examining your bird. If this is splay leg it needs to be bandaged immediately by an avian veterinarian. What substrate do you have your baby in? You should be using Dri-Dek, which can prevent splay leg.

Dr B

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