5 month old cockatiel chirps constantly for my husband

by suetomsons
(new brunswick canada)

my 5 month old cockatiel Kiwi is obsessed with my husband and only wants to be by his side. It is so bad than when husband goes to work or is sleeping late Kiwi chirps constantly for him,i don't understand this behavior since i am the one that loves birds and purchased him from a local breeder as my pet my husband does not care for birds and will not allow Kiwi to sit on him please help ...

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Oct 07, 2011
chirping cockatiel
by: Samantha

Hi there! I have an african grey that is a little over a year old that does the same thing. My husband is her preferred person. Birds tend to pick a person that they like and stick to it! I'm also the one who loves birds and bought my baby grey... but she loves my husband so much that sometimes she'll even bite my finger! When she comes out of her cage she'll go straight to him, if he's not home she'll go and sit on his computer chair. She cries when he leaves for work and she knows the exact time that he returns home and will start whistling and making sounds for him.... even before he walks in the door! but when I walk in the door I don't get as much as a hello! You have to learn to not take it personally, I know that was hard for me to learn in the beginning. And if it still bothers you maybe keep trying to spend some extra time with your cockatiel and give him his favorite treats and toys when you are around. Good luck and know that you are not alone!

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