5 months old grey parrot eats only seed mix

by Asif Arain
(Karachi, Pakistan )

My Congo African grey parrot newly weaned about a week ago was eating every thing I gave him my mistake I used seeds such as sunflower and flax flower as a treat to teach him fly to me command. And now he just want seeds to eat he won't eat fresh veggies and fruit he just wanted to eat seeds. I used to give him seeds with veggies salad and fruit but he only picks seeds which is really bad for his health. Usually I used seeds for night only with my Alexandrine and the rest of the day on fresh veggies and fruits as pellets not available in my country. Can you advice me for grey to what to do to make him
Eat veggies and fruits.

I left fresh veggies and fruit in his cage for the day with our seed he won't even go near his food bowls.
Please advise me

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Oct 01, 2012
are nuts ok? instead ?
by: Nir Aviram

i have the same problem
a 6 month old a frican grey does not eat his healthy expensive food at all .but ut still eat veggies nuts and fruits.
is it o.k?

Editor's note: You are in charge of what food you feed your bird. Feed the bird the healthy food only until evening.

Sep 23, 2012
Bird only wants seed
by: Tracie

You should NOT put seed in the bird's cage until evening and make sure NO seed is in the cage when you go to bed at night. That way in the morning the bird will be very hungry and will eat the healthy food you feed it.

Once the bird has eaten a good amount of healthy food, THEN you can give the bird some seed as a treat.

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